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YCEEYA is an exclusive Business Owners’ Eco-System online and offline. At YCEEYA, we believe in long term - so, relationship matters. Business Relations are strengthened by consistent communication, referral sharing and efficient business data management.

Our online platform helps organize and efficiently manage your communication and brand marketing. Our offline 1on1 networking helps build contacts, get new prospects, generate business leads and gain business knowledge.Read more

Yceeya networking

Worldwide, business owners or entrepreneurs understand the need to network in order to grow their business. The question is, are you part of a business network? Business networking is not about exchanging cards! Whether you are a pro or a newbie, our tools help you tremendously in honing your business networking skills. Our events are quality events that help you grow into a power networker who gets real business out of networking meetings. We also strive to create a synergistic referral network for you.

YCEEYA Referral

We all feel comfortable when a product or service is recommended by someone we trust. In business terms it’s called referrals. YCEEYA creates the opportunity and the Business Eco-System to know those influential people within your market. Referral sales are a time tested approach for growing your business. The more people know you and about your business, the more business referrals you get. At YCEEYA, the focus is to get you connected with as many business owners in real time, resulting in remarkably high quality referrals.

YCEEYA Knowledge Share

YCEEYA’S knowledge share programs are designed to engage members share their business development skills. Most importantly, customer acquisition, sales skills, business objectives, strategic planning, financial planning, fund raising and many more. That is why our events feature condensed workshops that focus on just one aspect of business.

YCEEYA Co-Op Marketing

YCEEYA’s Co-Op Marketing programs are to help reduce cost and maximize results. The program focuses on exploring member to member business development activity and collective action for better results. YCEEYA’s Co-Op Marketing is more than just marketing efforts or brand building, the program goal is to initiate the sales process that leads to long term business benefits.

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